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Here’s What No One Tells You About Tucson Ac Repair

There’s no leaves or anything inside the unit that could shoot out and then we press press Theron or what I’m going to tell you right now it’s going to be a little loud so I’m not going to be able to speak I’m gonna press the on button you’re going to see the degrees come up you’re going to see it’s a the fans should be set to low and probably yeah you can see that and it’s going to be set to cool so you can see the fan is running and then if you look down here give.

This a few minutes you’ll see this frost up I know it’s it’s a little difficult to see the compressor running but you can trust me that it is actually in fact running I’m going to touch this and hopefully not burn myself nope let’s go and you can see I’m wiping off the little frost there see if I can get the front of it to make it movie to see better there you go.

so it is cooling I know the unit runs okay but I think I do need a new I had to put plastic over it because it was too much airflow and I wasn’t picking anything up and I felt pretty confident the leak was coming from the condensing section so I’m going to take you over inside the condenser here all right now so little dark came out let me get my flashlight okay right here on the compressor you can see a previous leak and I doused that thing with bubbles and was trying to find it thinking that.

The leak was going to be right there on the compressor and it was not there so I just with the plastic surrounding the condenser I just went and checked the whole thing and this section over here looks pretty rusted as well I thought possibly hang on hard for me to get everything I thought that it was right there but nope no leak right there everything sounded everything was good everything was good here and there was also one other leak here and let me show you that previous sleep.

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