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How To Replace A Toilet?

New toilets come with different measurements, but this will depend on the size of toilet you want to buy. Before leaving to buy a toilet , it is advisable you take measurement of the existing toilet, especially from the wall to the hold-down bolts of the toilet.

Also, measure how far the toilet’s bowl juts from the wall and the door to ensure smooth opening and closing of the door. Most toilets’ waste pipe is sited about 12 inches from the wall, but some measures 10 inches or 14 inches. Once you have bought your new toilet, the following are replacement steps:
Step 1: Cut off the water supply
You can disconnect water supply by either closing the mains or the local supply to your house. Since the toilet’s tank has water, ensure you flush it out and then close the inlet valve water that feeds water into the tank. Remove the top tank lid, and use a sponge to drain all water left from the tank. Using a plunger, ensure all water is driven out of the bowl.

Step 2: Remove the old toilet
First remove the caps from the bowl’s base. Using a wrench, remove the fixing nuts. These nuts may be rusted and tightly held to the bolt, and may require you to hold the bolt with a pliers while removing the nuts. If they are hard to remove, just destroy them because you don’t need them again. Lift the toilet off the flange, and place a rag on the drain opening to prevent sewer smell from entering your bathroom. Old seals on the flange need to be scrapped, and replace the flange in case it is cracked.

Step 3: Put in place new bolts and seal
Remove the rag and place bolts on the flange, and then place a toilet seal. Ensure enough wax is squeezed on the bolts so that they stand upright.


Step 4: Connect the tank to the bowl
First ensure the tank seal is set in place, before placing the tank on the bowl. The bolts should be put on the fitting holes, before they are tightened. However, don’t over tighten them because the porcelain might crack.

Step 5: Install the toilet
Once you have assembled the bowl, put the tank and the bowl onto the seal. Ensure the bolts are lining up with the bowl’s holes. Tighten the bolts until the bowl is held firmly. Reconnect your water supply, and refill the tank. Check if there might be any leakage. Use the seat-bolts to put the seat in place.

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