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Tucson Ac Repair Is So Famous, But Why?

or a drier assembly someplace in the system to absorb that moisture but it gets saturated awfully quickly it’s not meant to take large amounts of moisture so should you find yourself in a situation where you’ve got a completely flat AC system and it has been that way for a while you really should replace the receiver dryer assembly or the dryer assembly if.

Not there could be problems that arise from that but I’m going to walk you through the steps of one finding the leak and I’ve already found the leak on the system it’s pretty substantial all I had to do is hook my gauges up that’s how bad it is and I’m going to try something else which I probably shouldn’t show you but you know what if it works it works and that is.

I’m going to attempt to repair the leak and then go from there so all kinds of exciting fun things for you in this episode of Eric the car guy all right like I said you’ve got a high pressure side look big H and a low pressure side to AC and you can take either one of these caps off this system is a a system anything older than life’s a has an r system but that’s really be converted because our is not sold anymore and if you can’t find it is prohibitively expensive and most conversion kits involve changing these fittings here which are.

system report refrigerant into it so it’s a safe way to check to see if your system has any leaks or not so I’m just going to let that vacuum pump run on here for all I’m gonna say about – minutes and I’m going to come back close the valves and let it sit and see if it holds vacuum my absentee and will see this but that’s the moisture boiling away just like it see a pot of boiling water after that is okay it’s in about minutes I’m going to close my name shut off uh-huh and.

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