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Understanding The Background Of Movers

area I was right on theborder so that’s a good area to live inokay so they just remodeled this Wendy’sand I told you guys earlier there’s thatLA Fitnessand then look there’s like StaplesCostco which I’ve never been at Costcobut I heard I need to go inside atCostco and then I completely.

Forgot totell you guys that there’s a targettarget is like my number one storesthere’s a target right up here and thenthe last part is the Galleria and thenwe’ll go to Hollywood one thing aboutTarget in grocery stores they charge youten yeah ten cents per bag so you justgot to bring your own bags or pay tencents for every bag and the last part Ineed to get gas actually so I’m gonnaguess and then the last.

part about thisarea is the Sherman Oaks Galleria andthe Galleria has everything but likeCheesecake Factory PF chain it’s just abunch of restaurant and then the -hourfitness is in there and they also have amovie theater so it’s just a cool placeto go to just to hang out so I’ll showyou guys that after I get my guessthis was the apartment I moved tobecause like.

I said I wanted a onebedroom so it’s called Vida Hollywoodyou can’t see where my apartment washere but it’s like three stories and Ilike it because they had covered parkingit looks like they remodeled it also butI was paying for a one-bedroom butwhat I didn’t like about it was if youlook at see like the front of this it’scool because there’s some kind of but myview was just the apartment buildingbehind this building so I paid fora one-bedroom but it was a one-yearlease and when my lease was up there wasthe same wall it’s probably everywhereyour rent goes up like a couple hundreddollars every year unless you do like afull year’s lease and I never wanted todo a full year so they wanted to changemy lease to like for a one-bedroomand I forget that that’s way tooexpensive so if you turn around I moveto their other buildingso I live in the one.

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